Private Kenneth Carroll

16 Feb 1929 - 18 Mar 1948

Private Kenneth Carroll from Hulme, Manchester undertook parachute training on course 223 at No1 Parachute Training School Upper Heyford. Course 223 ran from 18 August to 4 September 1947.

He was initially posted to the Training and Holding Battalion at Aldershot before being posted to 2nd/3rd Parachute Battalion in Palestine.

Private Carroll was 19 years old when he was killed on 18 March 1948. He is buried in Khayat Beach War Cemetery, Israel.

"Five British soldiers and four Jews were killed in an ambush near Acre. The Sydney Smith barracks, north of Acre, having no light for three days, asked the Palestine Electric Corporation, which was a Jewish company, to repair the wires. The corporation agreed to do this provided they were provided with an armed escort. Two Army trucks containing men from the Middle East School of Artillery were escorting the corporation's armoured car when a land mine exploded, overturning one of the trucks and immobilizing the armoured car. Arabs then opened up with heavy fire from the roadside, killing all five soldiers in one truck and all four Jews in the armoured car." Source MoD

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