Private John Pallett

We crossed the Rhine and went about 10 miles further in to Germany to reach the drop zone. The area was a chaotic scene of destruction; we were kitted out and joined the Oxf & Bucks L.I. just in time for the breakout. The next few weeks were spent advancing mainly on foot, frequently under fire, needing a lot of physical strength to complete the 350 miles from the Rhine to the Baltic. Finally somewhere near Lubeck, the roads became choked with refugees and German soldiers surrendering. Some of us were then sent forward to see if we could locate the Russians. Eventually we spotted some on horseback emerging from a wood. There was much back slapping and a water canteen filled with vodka passed round. On our Return we were instructed to carry on sorting out a heap of captured arms piled on the ground; unfortunately as they were being pulled out a rifle discharged hitting me in the knee. As I came round I was greeted with a stretcher bearer's words: "Corr' Mate - you're lucky! You got a good old blighty there!! I arrived back in England on 7th May 1945 and spent my 19th Birthday in Wakefield Hospital.

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Service History

  • 1944
    G.S.C. (Private)
  • 1944
    Beds & Herts (Private)
  • 1945
    O.B.L.I. (Private)


  • France & Germany Star
  • 1939-45 Star
John  Pallett

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John Pallett said:
On one memorable occasion during the advance we were astonished to come across the Padre near the front line giving Holy Communion to a small group of soldiers, almost as if it was the most normal thing to be doing!
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