Sergeant John Arnold

13 Dec 1970

John Arnold enlisted into the Army on 28 October 1936 serving throughout World War II with the Royal Artillery (RA).

He transferred to 66 (Airborne) Anti Tank Regiment, RA ,on 24 August 1948 and approximately 6 months later was posted to Germany as part of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) with 33rd (Airborne) Light Regiment, RA.

After a 6 month tour he returned to the UK for parachute training. On becoming a qualified military parachutist he returned to the 33rd (Airborne) Light Regiment and deployed with them to Cyprus in June 1951 with the rank of Bombardier. He was with the Regiment when it was redesignated in March 1953 as the 33rd Parachute Field Regiment, RA.

In November 1953  he was promoted to Sergeant and took up a posting with the 4th Airborne Control Section RAF Middle East Forces.

After completing 22 years service in the regular army, John Arnold served another 4 years in the Territorial Army from 1958-62.

John Arnold passed away in December 1970.

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