Lance Corporal of Horse Ian Stewart Thompson

{ Tomo }

18 Mar 1945 -

  • General Service Medal Clasp (1962 onwards) medal
  • Pingat Jasa Malaysia medal

Joined The RAC Junior Leader 1961-1963. On Centurian Tanks, completing Gunnery Signals and Driving courses.Before moving to Germany to serve with The Royal Horse Guards 1963-1964.

In late 1964 Joined No1 (Guards) Independant Parachute Company .Served in Europe in Germany, Holland, Denmark, France, Kenya, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Served in 1965 with Guards Para Special Forces in Borneo, as a Morse Signaller of the Guards Para deep Jungle penetration long range 4 man Patrols.

Served in 1966 with the French Army at The "Ecole de Troops Areoportes"in the South of France on a French free fall course. (Jumping from16,000ft without Oxygen)

See the book "Guardsmen of the Sky"

In late 1966 sent to Aldershot to join the Joint Services Free Fall Team, then to the Army School of Parachuting at Netheravon Airfield on an Instructors course.

Was one of the first 14 men on the first ever Army HALO Course run by the RAF Instructors at Abingdon Airfield in 1967.

Served in 1968 in Singapore and Hong Kong with The Guards Para Company alongside 2 PARA.

Medals: GSM Borneo & The Pingat Jasa Borneo Medal

Left the Army in 1969 for civilian life.


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