Private Henry A McKenzie

  • Military Medal medal

Henry Anthony McKenzie enlisted into the Gloucestershire Regiment in 1935. He lied about his age when he joined up, stating he was born in 1917, when in fact he was born 1919. Whilst with the Glosters Private McKenzie served in the UK, Egypt, India and Burma. During this time he was wounded in Burma on the 8 March 1942. 

He returned to England and volunteered for airborne forces in 1944.

He was in the Ardennes and jumped from stick 237 on Op Varsity on 24th March 1945 as 9th man out of a stick of 13 men. He stayed with 7 Para until they came back from Germany but did not go to the Far East.

He was demobilised from the Army in 1946.

On reenlistment he gave up his profession as being a rugby pro. His new regimental number being 22795542.

On the 5th March 1952 he volunteered for service in Korea joining the Green Howards and served in Korea with The Duke of Wellingtons Regiment. Noted on his enlistment papers was a request to serve with the Parachute Regiment.

He won his MM for Outstanding courage under fire on many occasions in Korea where on one incident he was involved in a fire fight with the enemy which resulted in a series of Tunnels being destroyed . Now promoted to Sergeant and in the Regimental Police he went on to serve with the DWR being posted to Cyprus in 1956 during the emergency fighting the terrorist EOKA organisation.

In 1958 he is recorded as having joined the Army Military Corrective Centre in Colchester on the Staff as a Sergeant. He went on to serve with the MCTC being posted to Hong Kong in 1961.

He was discharged from the regular army in 5th March 1964 and almost immediately joined the Territorial Army serving in 439 (Tyne) Regiment Royal Artillery at South Shields on 16th March 1964.

He died in April 1994. 


Biography kindly researched by Max Espie. 

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