Trooper Graham J Worrall

{ Wobbler }

24 May 1990

  • General Service Medal Clasp (1962 onwards) medal
  • South Atlantic Medal with Rosette

Graham John Worrall was one of a pair of brothers from Crew in Cheshire who served in A Company, 2 PARA. His older brother called Brian was a member of No 3 Platoon while Graham served in No 2 Platoon. Graham’s brother was himself badly injured with 2 PARA abroad when a vehicle in which he was travelling over turned.

Slightly below average height, Graham had a lean athletic build, a dry wit and an outlook that was generally sunny side up.

Graham fought in the Battle of Darwin Hill and Goose Green, during the Falklands campaign, on 28 May 1982. He received gunshot wounds to the stomach as he moved forward to gain a vantage point on a ridge line to observe the enemy; and to establish an effective suppressive fire position on a well defended and, thus far, hidden enemy trench system, which had rendered a number of A Company casualties.

Graham was then recovered by Corporals Prior, Abols, and Hardman. Corporal Prior was killed in this valiant rescue attempt while Corporal Hardman was killed in the ensuing and final moments of the battle.

When A Company returned from leave, post Falkland’s campaign, I witnessed Graham Worrall’s steely and dogged determination again. He was back in uniform, down graded and still in the recovery stages from his gun shot wounds. He was grittily determined to bring himself back to full soldiering fitness in minimum time. With wounds still open, and healing, Graham participated in regular three mile runs, of his own volition, which he would normally undertake with great ease. No small feat considering his condition, which would have over faced anyone other than the most determined.

Far from being put off by his grave experience, Graham Worrall then soldiered on for another seven years doing the job he loved. In addition to the Falklands he also served with 2 PARA in Northern Ireland, Denmark, Kenya and Belize. He went on to excel and became a section commander in 2 PARA; and later became a member of 22 SAS after passing their selection cadre.

Graham Worrall died as result of a motor cycling road traffic accident on 24 May 1990. The accident led to the premature death of a talented individual. He was yet another exceptional and strong character that it was my privilege to have known.

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winker watson said:
I had the pleasure to know and soldier with the Worrall brothers, Graham and Brian, both great lads.
Brian was my first lance jack when I joined A Coy, 3 Platoon; he proved to be a fair and just man, coupled with a great sense of humour. I hope he is doing well.
Graham was of a similar ilk to his brother Brian. I am proud to have known him and have fond memories whilst in his company at home and overseas.
I was very saddened to hear of his untimely death. He will always be missed among family and friends alike.
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