Private George T Neve

06 Jun 1917 - 24 Mar 1969

  • Africa Star medal
  • Italy Star medal
  • France and Germany Star medal

Private George Neve  enlisted on 18 January 1940 age 23. He was a self employed window cleaner from Hastings, Sussex. He served in the RAMC 181 Field Ambulance and served in North Africa in 1943. He also served in Italy and Sicily. 

He was part of the 'Arnhem drop' and was based in the hotel in Oosterbeek. On 25 September 1944 he was believed to be wounded but was missing, it was later confirmed he had been taken prisoner and was in German hands. George was imprisoned in Camp XIIA.  He was eventually released by allied forces on 11 June 1945 and returned home. 

On 8 February 1946 his Military Conduct was given as "exemplary" and his major said of him "This man is of a very good type. He has given every satisfaction in his work as a nurse in the wards. He is a clean, hardworking and painstaking man, who is sober, honest, and trustworthy, and very reliable" 

He was released into Army reserve where he stayed until his complete discharge on 30 June 1959. 
He returned to his life as a self employed window cleaner and lived out his life in Hastings with his wife Lilian and their three children. 

Created with information kindly supplied by Lisa Lomas.

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George T Neve in battle dress and beret

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