Lance Corporal George Mitchell

{ Harry }

23 Sep 1944

Lance Corporal George 'Harry' Mitchell was the son the Mary Mitchell, and husband of Lucy Ann Mitchell, of Beckenham, Kent.

He was enlisted into The Royal Artillery and volunteered for airborne forces, qualifying as a military parachutist on  Course 100 which ran at RAF Ringway from 24 January to 5 February 1944.

Harry subsequently served with 3 Platoon, 21st Independent (Pathfinders) Parachute Company and took part in the Battle of Arnhem, during Op Market Garden.

He was in Sergeant Cocking's section and held a house at the junction of the Utrechtseweg and Annastraat in Oosterbeek. The Germans used self propelled guns and tanks to destroy the houses held by No 3 Platoon and when the order came to withdraw, Harry Mitchell, Pte Alletson and Pte Hobbs left through the back door and raced across the lane into the back garden of a house on the opposite side. where he was shot. It is presumed Harry died instantly, although this has never been positively confirmed.

Lance Corporal Mitchell died on, or shortly after, 23 September 1944, aged 30 years old,and is now buried at Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Arnhem.

Further Reading:
'Leading the Way to Arnhem' by Peter Gijbels and David Truesdale Robert Sigmond Publishing 2008

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George  Mitchell


  • L/Cpl 'Harry' Mitchell 21st Independent Para Coy, No 3 Platoon

    L/Cpl 'Harry' Mitchell 21st Independent Para Coy, No 3 Platoon

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