Lance Corporal Geoffrey G J Owen

23 Oct 1904 -

Geoffrey Owen owned a shoe shop in Whitchurch, Salop before and after the war. He served throughout with 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance.

He survived for 8 hrs off the coast of Sicily after the ropes were cut early from his glider with only one other survivor. They were spotted by a Dutch trawler thanks to their red berets and were rescued. 

Geoffrey was captured at Arnhem and treated casualties at St Joseph Stichting, as part of The Number 2 Surg. Team, and stayed when other POWs were moved to other camps. This is mentioned in the memorial there;

British Major Simon M. Frazer from a medical unit of the British Army is allowed to stay to care for the wounded - he demanded this from the German leadership. He does this together with five nurses from the same unit: Fred Budd, Geoffrey Owen, Norman Mawditt, Phil Jackson, and Parker.“

Created with information and images kindly submitted by Rob Perry (grandson)

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OS Geoffrey G J Owen in uniform

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