Sergeant Gavin Timms

{ Black heart, big Gav, Timmsy }

13 Jul 1973 -

  • General Service Medal Clasp (1962 onwards) medal
  • Iraq Medal (2003 - 2009)
  • Operational Service Medal Afghanistan
  • Queen's Golden Jubailee Medal 2002
  • Accumulated Service Medal
  • Operational Service Medal Sierra Leone
  • Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (1930 - present)

Gavin Timms accumulated 15 and a half years service, predominantly with 2 PARA.

He spent two years in Recruit Company as a Corporal (Medic) and occasionally as P Coy medic.

Sergeant Timms served on Operational tours in NI, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Iraq.

He left the Regiment in 2007 as the Med Sgt.

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Gavin Timms

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