Private Denis Dey

  • General Service Medal Clasp (1962 onwards) medal
  • South Atlantic Medal with Rosette
Denis  Dey

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winker watson said:
I had the great privilege of serving along side Denis during Operation Bannerman, in A Coy 2 PARA, often under duress; as fate would have it we remain life long friends to this day. A strong willed and robust man, the necessary ingredients of a paratrooper, he had them in abundance.

Denis learned at an early stage in his career the need to embrace the enigma of ABI [Editor: Airborne Initiative] as a matter of survival. I recall the epitome of his ABI skills coming to the fore, during an early training excercise whilst at Depot PARA. Having been out in the field all day, learning basic field craft disciplines, exhausted with little or no food to sustain him, the least he could expect was a dry and warm sleep for his contribution to the Army.
On his way back to his basha area, in the company of his mate Geoff Chater (AKA Spud) the heavens opened up and provided them both with torrents of Para Reg rainfall. In pitch darkness, and dog tired, they stealthily approached the harbour, both soaked to the skin and disorientated.

Denis entered the basha with puttees and bungees hanging free, and discovered to his horror that his maggot was under two inches of water!
Thinking quickly and in the dark he exchanged his sodden maggot with Geoff's dry one, turning towards Geoff, with the feral look of a guilty fox with its head stuck in the chicken coup fence, he said in all sincerity, "Awe Geoff mate your sleeping bag is soaking". All Geoff could muster in reply was,"Cheers mate".
Cocooned in the warmth of Geoff's sleeping bag, the only interruption to Den's sleep was the sound of Geoff splashing and thrashing to keep warm.

Geoff, if you ever read this, remember revenge is a dish better served cold!

Geoff Chater said:
Denis I remember it well "thanks" and I think Winker is right, revenge can always be a good thing!
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