Private Darren P Lane

25 Jan 1964 - 14 May 1981

Private Darren Paul Lane from Manchester was at PARA Depot, died suddenly aged 17 years old on 14 May 1981.

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Neville Stott said:
I'd just like to add a note in memory of Darren Paul Lane who died whilst training on this day in 1981. He was a member of the parachute regiment and was 17 years old. He loved the army and it was his dream to be a part of it. Sadly we'll never know the exact reasons for his death as he unexpectedly collapsed whilst running in training. He is dearly missed by family and friends. The passing years make it no easier to understand or cope with a life that was cut short before it had really started. A lovely lad, determined, ambitious, funny and a massive loss to the paras. RIP Daz, Nev.
Allen Coulson said:
Pte Lane died during a run and after attempts to resuscitate him by his platoon staff. He was one of my recruits. There was a post mortem held and I believe that it concluded there had been an aneurism burst in his brain. This is unusual and ultimately there was a ministerial enquiry ordered by his MP - Winston Churchill - eponymous grandson. A number of facts emerged which disquieted the family - quite unsurprisingly. The area around his eye was missing and anecdotally his spleen was not with the body post mortem. These gave rise to feelings that he had been bullied and that his spleen had been damaged and thus hidden. I recall explaining that he had a black eye because we had started live firing and that the rifle butt was probably too short for him and so was injured by recoil. I think this was accepted and I am certain that there had not been bullying. I have no idea as to the anecdote relating to the spleen. I do not know who performed the PM or who reviewed the procedure following the enquiry.

It was a fantastic platoon I recall and many members went on to do well in the Falklands - and after which I lost touch with the army.

I do recall myself and Lt Col Mike Benjamin the Depot CO attending his funeral with a Bugler who played the last post.

He is not forgotten even after this long time passed.
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