Sergeant Christopher T A Lloyd

{ Lloydy }

28 Oct 1975 -

  • General Service Medal (to 1962) Clasp medal
  • NATO Medal Macedonia
  • Iraq Medal (2003 - 2009)
  • Queen's Golden Jubailee Medal 2002
  • Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012
  • Operational Service Medal Afghanistan

Christopher Lloyd joined B Company, 3 Para on 11 Feb 1994 and deployed the following day on Ex Grand Prix, In Kenya. In Sept 1994 he attended and passed the Pioneer Platoon Cadre and joined C Company until September 1995. On the Bn's deployment to Dover on the AMF role he transferred to 2 Para and temporarily joined Support Company, Anti-Tanks and attended and passed the cadre.

In 1996 he was injured and deployed to South Armagh, NI, as part of the HQ element and whilst there transferred to the Gym Staff. Upon his return from NI he attended and passed both PTI class 3 and JNCO promotion course and was promoted to L/Cpl and retained at HDPRCC as the PTI until 2000. During his time there he attended and passed PTI Class 2 and SCBC and also the Jungle Warfare Tracking Instructor course and supported the next course delivery as a guest instructor. He then moved as a Section 2 I/c within B Company and deployed to Enniskillen, NI, and then deploying with the newly formed C (Bruneval) Company as a section 2 i/c to Macedonia on Op Harvest in 2001, before attending and passing the HMG cadre and joining Support Company as C (Bruneval) Coy Det Commander as a Cpl and deployed to Iraq on Op Telic  in 2003.

He attended PSBC in 2004 and deployed to the Jordanian Short Term Training Team in 2005. In 2006 he deployed to Afghan, to Al Amarah in support of the Scots DG and upon his return was promoted to Platoon Sargeant, 8 Platoon, C (Bruneval) Company. In 2008 he deployed to Afhanistan, FOB Gibraltar and upon his return in 2009 was posted to HDPRCC, Pirbright where he conducted roles as CQMS and Chief Instructor (Para). He finished his service back in Colchester and took up a final temporary post as MTSNCO before taking redundancy in December 2014.

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Christopher T A Lloyd

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