Lance Corporal Charles F Sheffield

  • Croix de Guerre 1939-45 medal

Charles Sheffield served in 6th Airborne Recce Regiment and took part in the Normandy landings.

As a result of his actions he was commended for a Croix De Guerre with Bronze Star and the citation for the award records:
"When fighting for the liberation of France, this NCO showed great gallantry and devotion to duty. Commanding the leading Tank of his troop, and operating in very enclosed country, he was engaged at short range by an enemy Self Propelled Gun of superior calibre. In spite of receiving a direct hit, being wounded in the face, and nearly blind from his wound, Cpl Sheffield returned the fire, after which he warned his Troop Leader, and extricated his Tank, now on fire, without further casualties to his Crew. His courage was an inspiration to his Troop, who upheld it for the remainder of the fighting in France.
Escoville, 8th June, 1944."

Although the commendation was approved by the Corps Commander, Maj Gen Gale, it appears that confirmation of the award did not appear in the London Gazette.

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