Lieutenant C. Robin Couchman

09 Jul 1928 - 23 Aug 1950

Christopher Robin Couchman died in a parachuting accident on 23 August 1950 at Fort Bragg while training with the 82nd American Airborne Division prior to going on a course at Fort Benning. He was wearing a new type of parachute that malfunctioned. Although Robin deployed his reserve parachute it unfortunately became entangled with the main parachute.

The following comments were recorded in an obituary which appeared in the Pegasus Journal that year:
"Robin joined his regiment in July 1947, and soon volunteered for parachute duty. His tour with the Independent Company began in December 1948, after he had served for a time at Netheravon. He was one of those who really enjoyed parachuting, and such was his zest that he managed to carry out many more jumps than any of the rest of us. One of the keenest and most cheerful officers I have known, he had unbounded energy and a refreshing charm. He took an intense delight in every form of shooting and fishing, at both of which he displayed endless patience and much skill. His loss is most keenly felt by all of us who knew him in the Company, and letters from America show that in the short time he was there he had already made many new friends."

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