Sergeant Brian David

Brian David served with the Parachute Regiment and was a highly successful freefall parachutist.

Although only recently qualified as a freefall parachutist he became a member of the first Parachute Regiment Freefall Display Team established under Lt Edward Gardener in 1964.

During that year 26 demonstrations were given by the team. It was a small and uncertain start on very limited resources , however  the team soon established a growing reputation and profile. By 1967 the team performed demonstrations to over 2 million spectators.

In 1968 Sergeant Brian David became the Army and National Champion and leader of the British team at the World Championships. In the same year the Red Devils held all the Army and National Championship titles and trophies.

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Brian  David

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  • The First Parachute Regiment Freefall Display Team, 1964

    The First Parachute Regiment Freefall Display Team, 1964

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