Captain Bernard A Gain

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01 Jan 1922 - 16 Feb 1944

Bernard Arthur Gain was born in 1922 in Knightsbridge, the son of Frank and Winnifred Gain.

On 19 November 1939 he was granted an emergency commission with the Sussex Regiment after training at 163 Officer Cadet Training Unit.

He was made a War Substantive Lieutenant in May 1941 and a Temporary Captain in June 1942.

Captain Gain transferred to The Parachute Regiment on 1 January 1943, and along with other volunteers from the Sussex Regiment, formed The 10th Parachute Battalion.

Captain Gain returned to the Sussex Regiment later in 1943, and was posted to Italy.

On 16 February 1944 Captain Gain was killed at Cassino, Point 593 aged 22. He is buried at Cassino War Cemetery.

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Bernard A Gain

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