Private Albert Clarke

16 Jun 1944

Private Albert Clarke was the son of Alfred Herbert and Sarah Hannah Clarke; and husband of Marjorie Constance Clarke of Watcombe, Devon. He served in the 12th (Airborne) Battalion, The Devonshire Regiment.

The Battalion was converted to an airborne role in 1943 and formed part of the 6th Airlanding Brigade, 6th Airborne Division, and took part in the Normandy landings in June 1944.

A shortage of aircraft meant that only one Company could be inserted by glider, with the remainder travelling by sea. The two elements of the Battalion formed up in the Ranville area on 7 June and operated in a defensive role repulsing German attacks.

The Battalion moved to new positions on the 14 June and was subjected to a very heavy concentration of shell & rocket projector fire on 16 June. Later, a determined enemy attack developed from the Escoville area which lasted over three hours before it was finally driven back. Private Clarke is believed to have been killed during this attack.

Private Clarke died on 16 June, aged 27 years, and is now buried in Ranville War Cemetery.

Headstone photograph taken 2010.

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