British Guiana

01/10/1965 - 01/02/1966

With a population from various ethic backgrounds. The Indians supported the Socialist People’s National congress while the Africans backed the communist inspired People’s National congress. Despite underlying tension the situation remained calm during the battalion four-month tour.

Companies were thinly spread around Demerara and Courantyne in the east, with platoons often deployed 50 miles from their parent company headquarters. They rotated every four weeks, with a reserve company based at Atkinson Field. Every opportunity was taken to conduct field firing and extensive jungle training.

The battalion was further tasked to train the Guyanese Defence Force to prepare for its defence and internal security responsibilities after Independence.

Independence was granted on 4 February 1966 during a three day celebration at the capital Georgetown attended by The Queen and Prince Philip. Six days later the leading elements of 3 PARA departed for Aldershot in the UK.

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