Efficiency Medal (Territorial) 1969 - 1999

Efficiency Medal (Territorial) 1969 - 1999

The Efficiency Medal was awarded for a minimum of 12 years’ service for other ranks serving in the Territorial Army. War service counted as double time.

Clasps were awarded for additional periods of service of six years.

There are three variants of the Efficiency Medal relevant to soldiers with airborne service including the 1930, 1969 and 1982 types.

In 1969, the Efficiency Medal, which was instituted in 1930, had its medal ribbon colours altered and the wording on the suspension bar underneath the ribbon changed from  'Territorial' to ‘T&AVR’.

In 1982, the inscription reverted to ‘Territorial’ although the revised ribbon colours were retained.

In some instances, soldiers with lengthy reckonable service have received two variants of the Efficiency Medal, rather than an additional clasp.

The medal was replaced in 1999 by the Volunteer Reserve Service Medal.

Personnel who have been awarded this decoration


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