WO 1 Sara Halford 16 Med Regt, who was born on the Islands just before the invasion

The 40-year-old was born in the Falkland Islands three months before Argentina invaded the British overseas territory in April 1982.

She joined the Army aged 17 to repay a debt of gratitude she felt towards the soldiers who fought in the conflict.

The warrant officer, who serves with 16 Medical Regiment in Colchester, said islanders would be "forever grateful".

Growing up in the Falklands' capital of Port Stanley, WO1 Halford would play with friends on Mount Tumbledown, the scene of a key battle the day before the surrender of Argentinian forces on 14 June 1982.

Sara visited The Airborne Assault museum in June 2022 and met with museum volunteer and Falklands war veteran Clive Smith. They were interviewed and filmed by Gareth Palmer from 16X. 


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