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1st Parachute Bn. Exercise no. 5, 1942.

1st Parachute Brigade. Admin Instructions 1 - 3. June , 1944.

2, 3 and 4.2 inch mortar manual. September 1946.

6th Airborne Division store requirements for Op Overlord. 

6th Airborne Division Summary of Information No. 1. Feb - May 1944.

7th Para Bn wireless logs from Normandy June 1944 

16th Bn The Parachute Regiment History 

A Brief History Of 2nd Independent Para Brigade Group 

Account of Operations 6th Airlanding Brigade. Op Overlord.

AFDC & AATDC, 1942-45 

AFDC VIP Visits. March-May 1944 

Airwire Newsletter 2nd Para. Bde Signals vol.1 No.3 Nov 1945

AirWire Newsletter 2nd Para Bde Signals vol.1 No 4 Dec 1945

AirWire Newsletter 2nd Para Bde Signals vol.1 No 5 January 1946

Appreciation of Signals for 6th Airborne Division. Op Overlord.

Bruneval Raid 1942 as seen by CWH Cox MM RAF

Ceremonial Drill Manual 1950 

Comments on Operation "Market". 1 Para Brigade. 

Cordtex Surcingle. Horsa Glider. 

Diary of Events – 1 Para Bn 

Diary of Events - 2nd Ind Para Bde. Athens, 1944-45.

Dropping supplies from a towed Horsa Glider. 1943. 

Dummy Parachutist. AATDC. Feb-Jun, 1945.

'Gapping The Minefield' Instructions 

General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) Instruction Booklet. 1966. 

German Infantry, Engineers & Airborne Weapons. 1943. 

GMC Armoured Truck and Hamilcar Glider. 

GMC Armoured Truck. 1945. 

Handley Page Hastings Aircraft - Carriage of Personnel Manual 

Hastings Aircraft. Parachuting Drills. Operational Role. 

History of 2 Para Sqn, RE. 

Horsa II Overview 

Horsa Mk. I Lashing and Loading Manual. 

Improved Jeep Airborne Stretcher Carrier 

Intelligence Training Centre - Field Security Wing documents 

Lessons from Ex ‘Bones’. August, 1944. 

Letter from Browning to all airborne troops. August, 1944.

Letter from Daphne Du Maurier to Major Hilton

Letter to Urquhart regarding conditions in hospital 

Maintenance Manual and Instruction Book for 125cc two stroke Royal Enfield 

Major Cain's account of his experiences at Arnhem. 

Maj Tatham Warter's Evasion Report. 2nd Para Bn. 

Major Hibbert’s Brown Book 

Military Training Pamphlet No. 52 - Warfare in the Far East, 1944.

M3 White Scout Car. AFDC, 1945. 

No. 38 Group RAF Op Order 500. Op Overlord. 

Nominal Rolls by Glider Divisional HQ Op Tonga

Notes on GMC Armoured Truck. 1945. 

Notes on handling and loading of Horsa II Glider 

Notes on Post War Airborne Forces 

Officers reports on Op Loyton

Officers Blue Book 

Op Market Report written 10 January 1945

Operation Order No. 1 for Op Overlord. 8th Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. 

Op Overlord 6th Airborne Medical Operation Instructions

Op Overlord Air & Military Operations Orders

Op Overlord Special Service Group Planning Instructions

Pamphlet No. 7 The 7.62mm SLR, 1975. Part 1 of 2. 

Pamphlet No. 7 The 7.62mm SLR, 1975. Part 2 of 2. 

PIAT Mk. I Pamphlet. 1943. 

PIAT Mk. I Pamphlet. 1944. 

PIAT. Private Collection. 1970’s. 

PIAT Trials. AFDC. 1944. 

Polsten 20mm Cannon

PTS Ringway Visitors Book

Recognition Lights and Container Markings. 1st Parachute Brigade. 

Report of Stray Gliders Op Tonga and Mallard

Report on Op Amherst (SAS) by Brig Calvert

Report on Op Bulbasket (SAS)

Report on Op Defoe (SAS) 

Report on Op Doomsday

Report on Op Lost (SAS)

Report on Op Loyton (SAS)

Report on Op Titanic (SAS)

Report on Op Tonga

Report on Op Wolsey (SAS)

Report on Parachute Training. January - March, 1944. 

Report on Signals at Arnhem. 

Report on the evacuation of 1st Ab Div survivors from Arnhem.

Rommel's report on defences at Normandy.

SAARF History, Oganisation and Operations

Small Arms Training Pistol .38 inch Vol 1 Pamphlet 11 His Majesty's Stationary Office 1939

Small Arms, Thompson & Sten Machine Carbine War Office 1944 Pamphlet

Sten Mark II Machine Carbine Diagram & Instructions

Summary of Op 'Earlsdon' and lessons learned 

Summary of operations in Ardennes Sector 16 December 1944 to January 1945

Top Secret Minutes For Planned Operations In Kiel.

"T" Target Force Operations. 

Universal Carrier. Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Universal Carrier. Table of lubricants. 

Vickers Alecto Loading Trials

Vickers Machine Gun Handbook. 1940. 


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