Pegasus Goes To It!

‘Pegasus Goes To It!’ was a daily information news sheet originally produced for the troops of 6th Airborne Division during the Normandy campaign in 1944.

The news sheet editor was Captain Charles Strafford, the education officer for 6th Airborne Division, who produced the master copy on a battered captured German typewriter!

Early editions had a hand drawn title section but a stencil template for the title was later produced by L/Cpl Forrest of the Royal Engineers.

The 'daily paper' did much to maintain morale, as it included news that Strafford had picked up over the wireless, gossip and cartoons by Nutty.

‘Pegasus Goes To It!’ was resurrected for the Ardennes operation and continued until the division reached Wismar in May 1945.

Strafford subsequently became the first editor of ‘Pegasus’, the journal of The Parachute Regiment and British airborne forces in 1946 in his spare time, while working as a school teacher.

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