Parachutist Songs

Over the many years of parachute training there has been many songs created for the pupils to sing to keep their spirits up, whilst conducting this, sometimes dangerous parachute training. Here are some examples:

The Parachutist Song list 1946

This is an odd collection of songs composed and sung by he parachutists whilst undergoing training at RAF Ringway Aerodrome. These songs have been collected together by CSMI Grant, APTC, 9th Bn, Parachute Regiment. The actual words have been slightly changed in order to suit home consumption, but nevertheless the general idea is still there.

All the jumps were done on a piece of England very dear to every parachutist and commonly known as Tatton Park. It was from this park that the tightly packed RAF buses took them back to RAF Ringway. That is where he learnt and sung the songs as the bus made it way back to the camp - those songs being sung at the height of every one’s voice.

"Action Stations“ and “Go“ are two commands very well known. The former speaks for itself, and “Go“ will haunt many parachutists long after their parachuting days are over, Yelled in a loud voice, heard over the roar of the a engines, and whoop-- he is lying on the slipstream with just another jump to his credit.

Kindly donated by R Broderick via R Hilton, taken from the website:

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