Parachute packing

Parachute packing was of critical importance for both the delivery of Paratroopers and their equipment and follow up resupply.  

The majority of parachute packing personnel were female from The RAF, and this continued in the immediate post war period.

For the Suez operation in 1956 The Transport Command Parachute Servicing Unit (TCSPU), at RAF Upper Heyford were responsible for the packing of all the parachutes used on the operation. The CO was Sqn Ldr Jock Weir and Technical Adjutant Flt Lt Jim Morris,  Adjutant being Flying Officer Grant (the youngest officer at the time).

There was 100% success rate on this operation, which was significant as no reserve parachutes were carried at this time, and TCSPU received a personal thank you from the senior commanding officer for their contribution and success.


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