Merville Battery Museum

The Merville Battery Museum is situated in a series of the original casemates at the site of the landings on 6th June 1944.

For three months, April-June 1982 , 10 Field Squadron Royal Engineers, worked on the renovation project of casemate number 1 of the Merville Battery with the museum opening on 5 June 1983. The renovations were made possible through the joint action of the Airborne Assault Normandy, represented by General Nigel Poett and M. Levasseur, the Mayor of Merville-Franceville. The aim of this Association, with Lieutenant General Sir Michael Gray, Chairman of Airborne Assault Normandy, was to provide a home for the future Merville battery Museum and to preserve the memory of the 9th Battalion the Parachute Regiment. The villagers of Merville take great care to ensure that the exploits of the men who fought here will never be forgotten and that future generations will recognise the sacrifices they made for our liberty. Meanwhile, there is never a 6th June when the remaining veterans do not come to pay homage to their brothers in arms who fell in Normandy.

The Merville Battery is not like other museums. Being both a place of contemplation and a history lesson, this site draws on its authenticity and its evocative memories of one of the epic landings of Airborne Forces. For further information please visit:

Merville Battery Museum

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