Mention In Despatches citation for Lt G A Paull, July 1948.

The War Office, - 23rd July 1948.

The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services m N W Europe (September, 1944) — Royal Artillery.

Captain G A PAULL (268829)

During the Airborne Operations at Arnhem in September 1944, Captain (promoted after being returned from POW) Paull was commanding a troop of 17 Pdr Anti Tank Guns in support of 4th Parachute Brigade. On the afternoon of 19th September Brigade HQ were occupying a position north of the Railway Wolfheze-Arnhem about 1000yards East of Wolfheze level crossing. At approximately 16.00hrs the Brigade HQ were ordered to withdraw south of the railway, via a small culvert which enabled the smaller vehicles such as jeeps to pass under the railway, as the level crossing was controlled by the enemy. It was necessary to take the 17 Pdr guns with their vehicles up the embankment and across the railway as they could not be taken through the culvert. Captain Paull was ordered to proceed and find a rendezvous for his guns. One gun was safely taken across, but before it was possible to move the others, the troops came under heavy fire, and some of the gun crews either killed or wounded, there was no time to take the remaining two guns over the railway in the same manner as the first. Captain Paull who returned to the north side of the railway on learning what happened, was ordered to try and take one gun direct over the railway whilst the others proceeded down the road track to try to cross by the crossing at Wolfheze. The latter move was successful, and on reaching the south side Captain Paull was observed to be driving by himself along the railway track looking for a suitable place on the embankment to take the guns to safety. This was done in full view of the enemy and under heavy fire. By his courage and devotion to duty, Captain Paull saved the remaining guns of his troop. His action was in accordance with the fine tradition of the service.

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