Lynx Helicopter

Lynx is the British Army's primary battlefield utility helicopter. Lynx has been used extensively within the Army Air Corps for a wide variety of roles and tasks throughout the world.

It is predominantly a battlefield utility helicopter although it has been used for anti-tank, reconnaissance and escort operations. The addition of Aviation Crewman has allowed Lynx to operate in the very close air support role in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Versions in service with the Army Air Corps - include Mk 7 (skids) and Mk 9A (wheeled undercarriage).

The Lynx still holds the helicopter world speed record, and thanks to its semi-rigid titanium rotor head it is also superbly manoeuvrable.

Upgrades to Mk9A standard Lynx deliver more powerful engines, strengthened airframes, increased fire power and more advanced instruments and electronics, improving the helicopter's performance in the extreme conditions of Afghanistan.

It is fitted with a more advanced communication system, improved surveillance equipment and either the M3M Machine Gun - a 0.50" calibre weapon, capable of firing over 850 rounds a minute or a 7.62mm GPMG.

Crew 3+6 passengers Weight 5330kg Length 50ft 1in Height 12ft 5in Speed 160kts


Information courtesy of MoD

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