List of 2 PARA Commanding Officers since 1948

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1948 Lt Col PS Sandilands, DSO 1948-52 Lt Col GW White, MBE 1952-55 Lt Col HB Coxen, DSO, MC 1955 Lt Col RCC Langrishe 1956-58 Lt Col HEN Bredin, DSO, MC 1958-60 Lt Col DA Beckett, DSO, OBE 1960-62 Lt Col FD King, MBE 1962-64 Lt Col NF Gordon-Wilson, MBE 1964-66 Lt Col CE Eberhardie, MBE, MC 1966-68 Lt Col JMH Roberts, OBE 1968-71 Lt Col RW Dawnay, OBE 1971-73 Lt Col GHW Howlett, OBE, MC 1973-75 Lt Col CJ Bowden, MBE 1975-78 Lt Col DWF Taylor 1978-81 Lt Col CG Thomson, OBE 1981-82 Lt Col H Jones VC, OBE 1982 Major CPB Keeble DSO (Temp Command) 1982-84 Lt Col DR Chaundler, OBE 1984-87 Lt Col D Parker 1987-89 Lt Col PE Dennison, MBE 1989-92 Lt Col CF Hicks, OBE 1992-94 Lt Col AR Freer 1994-97 Lt Col DG Benest, MBE 1997-99 Lt Col JD Shaw 1999-2001 Lt Col C Chapman 2001-2004 Lt Col J Bashall, OBE 2004-2006 Lt Col JR Chiswell, MC 2006-2009 Lt Col JSS O’Sullivan 2009-2011 Lt Col A Harrison 2011-2013 Lt Col A Dawson MC 2013-2016 Lt Col O Kingsbury MBE 2016 Lt Col D Mann                                




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