Letter to wife of Colonel H N Barlow from Major General Urquhart, 7 October 1944.



A.P.O. England

7 Oct. 44.

Dear Mrs Barlow,

You will have heard by now that your husband has been posted as missing. May I offer my deepest sympathy, but, at the same time, I feel quite optimistic that he will be found to be either a prisoner or at large in Holland.

On the 19th Sep. I sent him into Arnhem to co-ordinate the activities of two battalions. He set off some time in the morning along a road which I had traversed a short time before. I did not hear if he ever arrived with either of the battalions or in fact any further news of him. The Boche were starting to infiltrate into the area between us and his destination and it is quite possible that he was taken prisoner on the way.

During the last few days we have had definite news of a good many who are in hiding and I may hope that your husband may eventually be found among them.

Your mother in law wrote to me via my wife and I would be grateful if you would pass on what little I have been able to tell you.

I do hope that you will let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.

Yours sincerely R.E Urquhart

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