A letter to Col Barlow's wife from Brigadier Hicks, October 1944.

H.Q. 1 Air Landing Bde.

A.P.O. England

Oct 4.

Dear Mrs Barlow,

I am very very sorry to have to let you know that your husband did not return from Arnhem with my Headquarters and will be reported as “missing”.

I am afraid we have absolutely no news of him at all. He was sent up into the town to take charge of two units who were engaged in hand fighting and since that time no information at all is available.

About half the South Staffords and the majority of a parachute battalion are also unaccounted for, so I think we can assume that there is every chance of him being a P.O.W.

I am most terribly sorry I am unable to give you any more definite news but none is available.

I fear that the next few weeks will be fraught with anxiety for you and this brings my own very deepest sympathy and also that of all my H.Q.

I can only hope that in the course of the next few weeks you will receive further information about Hilaro and that it will be of a reassuring nature.

If I can be of any further assistance please don’t hesitate to write.

Yours sincerely

Philip Hicks

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