Humber 1 Ton Truck.

The Humber FV1601 One Ton truck was a post war design for an off road, combat ready truck with a one ton payload and deep fording capabilities.

Like its smaller contemporary, the Austin Champ, it was a complicated and expensive design to field operationally.  It was somethimes nicknamed the "Big Champ", due to the similarities between the 2 designs.

The truck had a Rolls Royce B60 4.2L engine coupled with a 5 speed gearbox, with good off road performance. Various versions were introduced during the production run of the vehicle from 1951 onwards, including Fitted For Wireless (FFW) and armoured versions. Total production was 3700 vehicles.

Many of the trucks were placed in storage with some 1700 eventually being converted to the Humber Pig, an armoured personnel carrier used in Northern Ireland and also the Humber Hornet Malkara – and both were used extensively by airborne forces.

The One Ton Truck was withdrawn from service in the early 1960s, with the role being taken on by the Land Rover One Ton within airborne forces.

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