Hawker Hector aircraft

Designed in 1935 the Hector was taken into service with the RAF in the then new Army Co-operation Wing No. 50 at Odiham in 1937. Becoming obsolescent in 1939, it did not go to France with the BEF but six Hectors of No. 613 squadron went into action on the 26th of May 1940, dive bombing enemy troops invading Calais.

On the following day they dropped supplies to the Calaise garrison. Two aircraft were lost in these sorties. In 1940 the Hector was relegated to target and glider towing of the Hotspur troop training light gliders. They were finally withdrawn from service in 1942.

Powered by a 805hp Napier Dagger III air cooled engine, it had a max speed of 187mph at 6,500ft, a ceiling of 24,000ft and endurance of 2 hours 25 minutes.

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