Guards Parachute Association

The Guards Parachute Association was formed on 25 October 1975 when No1 (Guards) Independent Company, The Parachute Regiment, marched off into history.

One of the main aims of the Association was to maintain and promote the special relationship that had been forged between the Guards Division and Airborne Forces from its inception and beyond.

We have no idea how many guardsmen served in Airborne Forces during WWII, but since 1945 the Guards Parachute Battalion, the Guards (Pathfinder) Company and 22 SAS provided regular routes for Airborne service. The SAS numbers were substantially boosted in 1965 when G Squadron was formed from a surplus of the Borneo trained Guards Parachute Company and again following the 1975 disbandment.

The Falklands campaign also had far reaching results, one being the recognition that the Scimitar and Scorpion troops of the Blues and Royals had provided an invaluable element of mobility and firepower.  The upshot was that in the late 1980's a troop of Scorpions from the Life Guards were attached to 5 Airborne Bde.  There was no shortage of volunteers to man the new unit and a steady stream of troopers set off for P Company.

In the late 1990s, the Guards Division further strengthened its long and close airborne relationship with the formation of a platoon which currently serves as  6 (Guards) Platoon B Company 3 PARA. The platoon has seen service with 3 PARA in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In days where so many associations are folding through apathy and dwindling numbers the Guards Parachute Association is over 400 strong and growing.  There is a strong and vital welfare network and we meet for our annual reunion on the anniversary of the 1975 Guards Parachute Company disbandment.  We also march as an Association at the Cenotaph parade.

We welcome all Household Division members who have served or are serving as a parachutist or pilot.

For membership information please contact Association Secretary Mike Keighery:

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