German Second World War Armour, Weaponry and Ordnance

During The Second World War, the German armed forces fielded an array of weaponry against their Allied opponents.  Many of these weapons were either encountered by, or indeed, used by Airborne Forces as and when they were captured and turned on their former owners.

Numerous German Armoured vehicles were engaged by lightly armed Airborne Forces, including:

Panzerkampfwagen IV Tank

Tiger Tank

Tiger Ausf B Tank

Sturmgeschutz III

Panzerkampfwagen 740 B2 (F) Tank

These heavily armoured vehicles were capable of inflicting heavy casualties on Airborne Forces, but equally, could be engaged by a variety of Allied weapons, including the PIAT.

German small arms, including the medium machine guns MG34 and MG42 were extensively encountered in every campaign in which Airborne Forces took part.  Such was the rapid rate of fire of the MG42 that tactics were developed to change position as it was reloaded. 

The Germans also introduced one of the first Assault Rifles specially designed for their own Parachutists - the FG42.

These weapons will all be documented on ParaData over time including first hand accounts, technical reports and imagery.



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