Folding Bicycles

Designed by BSA, folding bicycles were used airborne soldiers to provide a degree of mobility once on the ground.

There were a number of versions of the bicycle but each proved a difficult piece of equipment to parachute. Originally, two were packed together in a special container, but this was uneconomical in relation to the load. Then a single bicycle was thrown out on a small parachute, but wheels frequently buckled on landing. Finally, the folded cycle (26lbs) was parachuted on the soldier in the same manner as a leg-bag and lowered during flight.

Some versions had attachments for a rifle, whilst a valise was also developed to carry additional equipment on the frame.  In addition "Everst carriers" could be added across the handle bars to which packs, bergens and the like could be carried.

The bicycles proved unpopular and impractical for airborne use and were withdrawn from service as the Jeep was introduced into service.

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