Falklands Campaign Gallantry Awards

In total, some 71 gallantry awards for actions in the Falklands campaign were made to attached personnel, members of The Parachute Regiment and former members on service with other units.

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Victoria Cross
Lt Col H Jones OBE (Posthumous)
Sgt I McKay (Posthumous)

Distinguished Service Order
Lt Col Hew Pike MBE
Major Chris Keeble

Military Cross
Major Mike Argue
Major David Collett
Major John Crosland
Major Dair Farrar Hockley
Capt Tim Burls
Capt William McCracken
Lt Colin Connor

Distinguished Conduct Medal
Staff Sgt Brian Faulkner
Sgt John Meredith
Sgt John Pettinger
Cpl David Abols
Pte Stephen Illingsworth (Posthumous)

Military Medal
Sgt Ted Barrett
Sgt Des Fuller
Sgt R Wrega
Cpl Ian Bailey
Cpl Tom Camp
Cpl J Foran
Cpl Tom Harley
L/Cpl Steve Bardsley
L/Cpl Bill Bentley
L/Cpl Gary Bingley (Posthumous)
L/Cpl Les Standish
Pte Richard Absolon (Posthumous)
Pte Graham Carter
Pte Barry Grayling

Mention in Despatches
Maj P Dennison 
Maj P Gullan
Maj Marsh
Maj Phil Neame
Maj B Rolfe-Smith
Rev David Cooper
Capt Paul Farrar
Capt Steve 'Doc' Hughes RAMC
Capt M Selfridge (Posthumous)
Capt Mal Worsley-Tonks
Lt M Cox
Lt J Page
Lt G Weighell
2Lt Ian Moore
2 Lt G Wallis
Sgt I Aird
Sgt Dick Kalinski
Sgt J Hill
Sgt P Marshall
Cpl 'Chuck' Hardman (Posthumous)
Cpl T Noble
Cpl J Phillips
Cpl J Sibley
Cpl S Harding-Dempster
Cpl J Hand
L/Cpl L Carver
L/Cpl M Dance
L/Cpl K Dunbar
L/Cpl C Lovett (Posthumous)
Pte S Alexander
Pte A Brooke
Pte K Connery
Pte A Corneille
Pte M Fletcher (Posthumous)
Pte D Gough
Pte D Gray ( Wounded in Action)
Pte P Harley
Pte A Mansfield
Pte R Morrell
Pte E O' Rourke

Capt(QM) N Menzies

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