Fairchild C82 'Packet' and C119 'Boxcar' aircraft

This aircraft first flew in 1944 as the C82 Packet. Designed for cargo, a few were used for parachute drops and glider tugs. Only around 200 were produced because of design limitations. 

The improved C119 version came into service with the USAF in 1947. It had a removable rear section to enable air dropping of heavy loads and ramps for loading vehicles were also carried.With a payload of 30,000lbs it could carry a variety of heavy equipment or accommodate 40 parachutists who could jump in two sticks simultaneously.

It was used extensively in the 1950s by British Airborne Forces, in aircraft flown by USAF crews from Europe. It was also used for the first experiments on platform dropping techniques developed in the UK.

Range 2,300 miles at a cruising speed of 205mph.

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