Citation for Cpl M B J Baughan's Military Medal, London Gazette 10 December 1965.


Military Medal

23256793 Corporal Malcolm Brian Jack BAUGHAN

The Parachute Regiment.

In the early hours of 27th April 1965, Corporal Baughan’s platoon was defending the company base when they came under heavy attack by a force of Indonesian infantry more than 150 strong who were powerfully supported by rocket launchers, mortars, rifle grenades and machine guns from the surrounding hills. Corporal Baughan, who was acting platoon sergeant, had his shelter destroyed by a rocket bomb in the first burst of fire. Although stunned by blast from two bombs he immediately checked to see that the other men were uninjured and sent them to their stand-to positions. He then made his way under fire to a machine gun post where he took command, steadied the young soldiers defending the post and brought their defensive fire under control, sweeping the ridge from which the enemy rocket launchers were firing. Later he exposed himself to check all nearby bunkers were clear.

During this engagement the enemy had captured a mortar pit. Whilst re-occupying it his platoon commander was wounded. Corporal Baughan immediately organised its defence, took over command of the platoon and moved to the next machine gun post under fire.

After the main enemy assault had been defeated, two more enemy parties again approached the perimeter and Corporal Baughan immediately volunteered for a patrol which went out-to drive them off.

Throughout the whole battle Corporal Baughan was an inspiration to his platoon, which he commanded from the time his platoon commander was wounded. His leadership and bravery were instrumental to the successful defence of the base and his gallant attack on the mortar pit was decisive in ejecting the enemy from a dangerous foothold, from which they might otherwise have overrun the position.

Courtesy of The London Gazette.

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