A brief list of the cemeteries where Airborne soldiers are buried

The following is a brief list of the burial cemeteries for many casualties from the Airborne Forces during the Second World War, and some from more recent times.

There are many other sites abroad with fewer casualties, whilst others are buried in the British Isles who were killed at home in accidents or died from battle wounds. They are now buried in municipal and church graveyards, usually near their family homes.

The 'Gravewatch' campaign, administered by Airborne veterans, seeks to care for and record the resting place of soldiers killed in the UK, overseas or repatriated since 1948. The Falklands War marked the first time casualties were officially repatriated, although a number of Airborne soldiers are buried at Port San Carlos.

North Africa
Algeria Bone War Cemetery, Annaba Le Petit Lac Cemetery Tunisia Enfidaville War Cemetery Massicault War Cemetery Medjez-el-Bab War Cemetery - also home to the Medjez-el-Bab Memorial to the Missing. Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery


Sicily Catania War Cemetery


Italy Bari War Cemetery Cassino War Cemetery - also home to the Cassino Memorial to the Missing Sangro River War Cemetery, near Taranto


India (Sangshak) Imphal War Cemetery, Manipur State.


Normandy Bayeux War Cemetery, Bayeux - also home to the Bayeux Memorial to the Missing Benouville Churchyard, Ouistreham, near Caen Herouvillette New Communal Cemetery, near Caen La Delivrande War Cemetery, Douvres-la-Delivrande, near Caen Putot-En-Auge Churchyard, Putot-en-Auge. Ranville Churchyard, Ranville, near Caen Ranville War Cemetery, Ranville, near Caen St Vaast-En-Auge Churchyard


Southern France (Dragoon)
Marzargues War Cemetery, Marseilles


Arnhem Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery Enschede Eastern General Cemetery, Overijssel Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, near Nijmegen - also home to the Groesbeek Memorial to the Missing Overloon War Cemetery, Noord-Brabant, Holland


Ardennes and Rhine Crossing Becklingen War Cemetery, Soltau, Germany Hotton War Cemetery, Luxembourg Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Germany Venray War Cemetery, Limburg, Holland


Greece Phaleron War Cemetery


Germany (March to the Baltic) Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery


Norway Eiganes Churchyard, Stavanger (Op Freshman) Western Civil Cemetery, Oslo


Far East Kranji War Cemetery, Singapore Taiping War Cemetery, Malaysia


Israel (Palestine 1945-48) Khayat Beach War Cemetery, near Haifa. Ramleh War Cemetery


Egypt (Canal Zone) Moascar War Cemetery


Falkland Islands Blue Beach Military Cemetery, Port San Carlos.


UK Aldershot Military Cemetery, Hampshire Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey - also home to Brookwood Memorial to the Missing Tidworth Military Cemetery, Wiltshire


Please note the above list is for illustrative purposes. There are no deliberate omissions.


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