Brief list of Airborne organisations and charities

The following charities and associations are a selection of those created to support serving personnel, veterans and their families and to commemorate Airborne forces.

The list is not intended to be complete, and is in no particular order. Please contact the Paradata Editor if you would like to suggest any further organisation for inclusion:

Parachute Regiment Charity (PRC)

The Parachute Regiment Charity was established in early 2010, through the amalgamation of the Parachute Regiment Central Fund and Airborne Forces Charities. It has been established to oversee the charitable objectives of all Airborne Forces charities. Find out more: Click here

Afghanistan Trust (AT)

The Afghan Trust was established in 2007. The charity primarily supports the relief of all Parachute Regiment soldiers injured in Afghanistan, and the families of those wounded or killed, with welfare services, support and financial assistance, and sustains the memory of loss of life and the sacrifices made there by soldiers of the Regiment. Find out more: Click here

Parachute Regiment Association (PRA)

The Parachute Regiment Association was originally formed during the Second World War as the primary charity for all veterans of the Parachute Regiment. As well as promoting the espirit de corps, and maintaining contact between past and present members, the PRA plays a key role in the commemoration of Airborne Forces across the UK, and around the world.

The Association has a wide network of regional branches across the UK and always welcomes new or returning members. For more information e-mail:

Airborne Forces Security Fund (ABSF)

The Airborne Forces Security Fund was established in 1942 with the key objective of providing care for Airborne veterans in need of aid. It remains an important fund to support the welfare of veterans in need of financial assistance, and is funded through donations and has benefitted as part of the 'days pay' scheme. For more information e-mail:

The Airborne Alliance

The Airborne Alliance (ABA) has been established to provide a single point of focus for serving and former members of British Airborne Forces in Scotland & Northern Ireland. Find out more: click here

Airborne Assault Normandy Trust (AANT)

Arnhem Veterans Association

The Arnhem 1944 Fellowship Association

Guards Parachute Association

Airborne Engineers Association

Airborne Medical Association

The Double Hills Memorial Group

El Gamil Association

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