Blackburn Beverley aircraft

This all purpose military transport aircraft was introduced into service with the RAF in 1955. Designed for long ranges, it would carry both troops and heavy loads at the same time. A wide variety of heavy equipment of all types could be airtransported or parachuted. In the latter role the rear sections of the fuselage (which opened to enable loads to be stowed internally) were removed to allow the parachutes to develop and pull the load out of the aircraft. In this role it could carry heavy drop loads up to  25,000 lbs in weight.

In the parachuting role it carried 70 fully equipped parachutists, 30 jumping from an aperture in the Boom and 40 from the double doors either side of the Lower Deck.  Aperture and door jumping could not however be done simultaneously. Its max range was 3,690 miles with a top speed of 238 mph.

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