Avro 504.N aircraft

The Avro 504 was designed in November 1912 and first flew in 1913. The aircraft flew in the early years of World War I as a reconnaissance and general purpose aircraft. Later it was converted to pilot training.

Vaious models were produced and it stayed in service with the RAF between the wars as a trainer aircraft. It was used for flying displays at RAF Hendon in 1930 (one of these pilots was Sir Frank Whittle, the designer of the jet engine).  In 1940 the model 504.N. (first produced 1925) with an Armstrong-Siddeley 'Lynx' engine of 150 hp was adapted at the Central Landing Establishment, Ringway, to develop glider towing techniques for the future airborne forces.

Max speed 96 mph, ceiling 13,500 ft, range 240 miles.

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