75mm Pack Howitzer

The 75mm Pack Howitzer was originally designed in the United States to meet a requirement for an artillery piece that could be moved easily across terrain.


The weapon was named Howitzer, Pack, 75mm M1, with a later modified version being named M1A1.


Supplied to the British under Lend Lease the 75mm Howitzer proved suitable for Airborne use and could be carried into action in the rear of a Horsa Glider and maneuvered on the ground either by hand or hooked up to a jeep. Later it was adopted for parachuting.


The 75mm howitzer played a crucial role in Operation Market Garden providing much needed fire support to Airborne Forces.


Production continued until December 1944, although the howitzer remained in use with British Airborne Forces into the 1950s.




Weight: 650Kg

Length: 3.70m

Calibre: 75mm

Range: 8000m

Rate of Fire: 3-86 RPM

Crew: 6



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