106mm Recoilless Anti-Tank Rifle

The M40 106mm recoilless rifle (RCL) was designed as a lightweight, portable 105mm weapon anti-tank weapon made in the United States.

The 106 mm designation was designed to prevent confusion with the incompatible 105mm ammunition. It was be fired primarily from a wheeled ground mount. The breech-loaded, single-shot rifle fired fixed ammunition. It was equipped with a .50 calibre ranging rifle to fire a tracer round at targets.

The 106mm RCL was used by Airborne Forces from 1956 and took part in operations in Suez where it is credited with the destruction of one Egyptian SU100 Tank Destroyer.

The 106mm RCL was phased out of service from the mid 1960s, being replaced by the larger WOMBAT series of recoilless rifles.

Calibre: 105mm

Range: 6870m

Weight: 209Kg

Length: 3.4m

Height: 1m Penetration: 400mm armour

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